vag of honor

intersectional feminist. unapologetic misandrist. rape victim. nonsexual. white-passing. vegan. witch. thealogist. intellectual.

Reasons for me refusing to go to college:

  • The term “bachelor’s degree”. There is serious need of some gender neutrality here and it’s disgraceful that we still use this obsolete¬†language in the 21st century.¬†If you’re a proud, unapolagetic owner of a “bachelor’s degree” you need to be put down.
  • The rampant androcentrism in higher education. Every college i’ve ever seen has come off as a hotseat of patriarchy and it just disgusts me. I get sick at the thought of learning from more crusty old cishet white males.
  • My ignorant parents keep pushing me to go, and i’m fed up with their bullshit. Stop telling me how to live my fucking life.